Changing the Way Leaders Lead Change.

Your path to becoming your best professional self is within reach. Accelerate your way to success today.

Changing the Way Leaders Lead Change.

Your path to becoming your best professional self is within reach. Accelerate your way to success today.

"Seeing Siobhan on stage at Mega Success was the most amazing experience I had this year. Thanks for sharing your wisdom with all of us."

Philip Semmelroth, CEO, C&S GmbH

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Siobhan Calderbank is a dynamic speaker, an award-winning published author, and an expert in change management and leadership. She is the founder of Butterfly Ladies – a Mentoring Program committed to helping develop the careers of women and youth, especially visible minorities. She has spoken to diverse groups at conferences, events, seminars, and planning sessions to motivate individuals to work more collaboratively. She is a creative, energetic, results-driven speaker with a well-earned reputation for motivating and inspiring client groups.


Leaders face increasing pressure to change more and get results faster. Learn how to inspire and engage others to take action now. Accelerate your time to implement change, build momentum, increase acceptance and make change stick by reducing resistance and unproductive behaviour. 


These unprecedented times of change offer leaders a great opportunity to shift from directing and managing to delivering strategic value. Leaders can have an incredibly powerful impact on employee engagement, productivity and retention. Learn how to be a transformational leader and a champion for change.


Women lead with empathy and compassion. Increase your confidence, improve your influential skills and enhance your communication effectiveness. Accelerate your career, raise your profile and lead others without sacrificing yourself or succumbing to “WonderWoman Wear-Out”.

What is a Change Leadership Accelerator?

 While managing change is important, it will only get you part of the way. The future of Change is Change Leadership. You need to lead people in an entirely different way to maximize  effectiveness, mobilize action and grow your business. Accelerate your results by implementing proven change strategies and adapting your leadership approach. A Change Leadership Accelerator will guide you through simple adjustments to help you elevate engagement, increase speed of implementation and achieve sustainable results during change.

Who Siobhan Has Worked With

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Who is Siobhan Calderbank?

Siobhan began her career delivering key programs to audiences in large organizations. She then transitioned into a consulting role where she was integral in assisting senior management teams to identify performance gaps, develop key leadership competencies, initiate culture change and improve overall employee engagement. Siobhan’s many years of experience enabled her to fuse together her love of teaching and her passion for change management to become a sought-after speaker that inspires professionals and business leaders to improve performance outcomes.

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