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People want to be lead by leaders they trust and who genuinely care. These engaging keynotes will help leaders develop essential skills needed to build credibility, lead transformational Change, communicate effectively and consistently out perform.

Thinking Strategically to Lead Change and Innovation

In this interactive keynote, we will examine strategies that support innovation and new initiatives. By strategically selecting the right combination of strategies you will be able anticipate employee reactions, address the anxiety that staff feel when they are faced with a new initiative, manage resistance and appropriately respond to those reactions (even the nay-sayers) in a way that will increase innovation and success of your change initiatives.

Through this interactive keynote, Siobhan will introduce you to:

  • Define different types of thinking, such as strategic thinking, systems thinking, innovative thinking, critical thinking and value thinking
  • Strategically identify best practice techniques and tools to lead teams through change and innovation
  • Recognize the signs of resistance (including your own) to new initiatives so that you can address, acknowledge and manage these concerns

Connect, Collaborate and Communicate Effectively

In order to build trust and lead well, you must be able to communicate well. How you lead others and the communication approach you choose, are vital to your success as a leader. Whether you are leading a team of individuals, coaching your staff, providing guidance and direction to a colleague, implementing a new change initiative, or simply talking to your peers – communication is important. Poor communication can lead to big problems, reduced confidence, mistakes, lowered productivity, conflict, misinterpretation of information, unclear orders, and overlooked changes.

Through this interactive keynote, Siobhan will introduce you to:

  • Identify and adapt your communication when encountering diverse style preferences
  • Recognize the impact your communication style has on others
  • Select strategies to strengthen your leadership communication skills, enhance team effectiveness, and build trust by encouraging healthy conflict

Effectively Communicate to Reduce Conflict

While we all wish we could chose who we work with, some times we have to encounter difficult people. When conflict is not managed well, it can often lead to misunderstandings, unproductive behaviour and damaged relationships. In this engaging session, participants will learn to understand how their own behaviour may lead to conflict, how to relate more effectively with the different styles of others and how to reduce resistance by working more collaboratively.

In this engaging keynote, participants will: 

  • Identify your own conflict style and the impact that it has on others
  • Increase effective communication and reduce negative behavior during conflict
  • Enhance leadership communication, team effectiveness, and conflict resolution

Managing Stress with Resilience

The reality is that with increasing change you must achieve greater results with less time and resources. The key is to optimize your time, both professionally and personally, in a manner that will yield the most ideal results. By being resilient and applying proven time management approaches, you will be able to prioritize tasks and work efficiently so that you can take care of yourself and get work done. This session will provide useful Resilience strategies, Time Management tips, Self-Care information, advice, and habits to incorporate into your daily life.

Through this interactive keynote Siobhan will lead you to:

  • Prioritize your goals, time and energy
  • Eliminate distractions and nurture a positive outlook
  • Schedule time for self-care

Feedback & Reviews

Don’t take my word for it…read what some of my clients have to say.

” Siobhan’s ability to capture the needs of the group and modify her approach was excellent. Keeping the session filled with humour and real stories definitely kept people focused and engaged.

Senior Business and Finance, Municipal Leader

” Siobhan was fantastic. She kept the keynote exciting and she was very engaging. She knew the material inside and out and her examples were thoughtful, clear and rather humourous!

Sr. Manager, Telecommunications

” Excellent speaker! Siobhan did a great job! The information was very relevant and helpful for my current position. Looking forward to applying new techniques!

Director, Retail

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